Cognitive Science/Philosophy of Mind Links


Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness <>

Center for Applied Cognitive Studies <>

David Chalmers <>

Cognitive and Psychological Sciences on the Internet <>

Cognitive Science Homepage (University of Helsinki) <> <>

Cogprints: Cognitive Sciences Eprint Archive <>

Consciousness and Cognition: An International Journal <>

Consciousness & Philosophy Links (David Chalmers) <>

Consciousness & the Brain: Annotated Bibliography (Ralph D. Ellis) <>

Contemporary Philosophy of Mind: An Annotated Bibliography <>

Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind <>

The Internet Encyclodpedia of Philosophy <>

Journal of Consciousness Studies (there is also an interesting JCS listserv) <>

Journal of Intelligent Systems (online) <>

John C. Lilly Home Page <>

Marvin Minsky (The Society of Mind) <>

"The Problem of Consciousness" (John R. Searle) <>

Psyche, an online, interdisciplinary journal of consciousness studies <>

Quantum Consciousness (Stuart Hameroff) <>

John R. Searle <>

Charles T. Tart <>

The University of Arizona Center for Consciousness Studies <>


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