What I'm Against

Kevin Langdon


I'm against suffering and against entropy.

I'm against harmful actions toward anyone; I support severe sanctions against those guilty of such actions.

I'm against dishonesty and unfairness, on the part of people without conscience as well as of basically good people who should know better.

I'm against the laziness that prevents people from thinking things through and from being completely fair.

I'm against illusion, pretense, and hyprocrisy, including that acquired innocently through osmosis from the general madness of society.

I'm against specious claims to moral authority based on self-righteous posturing.

I'm against the dumbing-down and trivializing of everything which is rampant in the mass media and in the affairs of organizations.

I'm against uncritical belief in unexamined assumptions.

I'm against these things in myself and in others.


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