“Post-human” Science Fiction


There have been a number of interesting treatments of the “step beyond man” in science fiction. I am less familiar with recent work in the field than I am with classic science fiction, as will be obvious to those familiar with the field. Recommendations for additional items are solicited. The works of Stapledon, Clarke, and Heinlein are particularly recommended.


Poul Anderson

Arthur C. Clarke

Howard Fast

Robert Heinlein

John Hersey

Fred Hoyle

Daniel Keyes

J.T. M’Intosh

Wilmar H. Shiras

Olaf Stapledon
See "Olaf Statpledon: Winner of the First Annual Cordwainer Smith 'Rediscovery' Award" (2001) <http://www.cordwainer-smith.com/stapledon.htm>

Theodore Sturgeon

George Turner

A. E. Van Vogt


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