Neuroscience Links


BioMedNet <>

Cognitive Brain Research Unit (Dept. of Psychology, Helsinki University) <>

Stephen Grossberg (cognitive and neural systems) <>

Eric L. Hargreaves' Page O'Neuroplasticity <>

Narcolepsy Gene Identified <>

National Institute of Neuropsychology <>

Neuroscience 524: An Introduction to Brain and Behavior  (Tom Yin, Dept. of Physiology, University of Wisconsin;
     useful news summaries and links) <>

Neurosciences on the Internet (Neil A. Busis) <>

"A New Look At Seeing" (Miikkulainen & Sirosh) <>

Dr. David C. Osmon, neuropsychologist <>

Dr. Deborah Stacey (neural networks, etc.) <>

"What Became of Albert Einstein's Brain?" (Neuroscience for Kids [but also for grown-ups; a very well done survey]) <>


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