Past Chat Topics


September 19, 2000   What characteristics of human culture are universal, and what do they tell us about human nature?
September 26, 2000   What are the limitations of the scientific method? Can it be extended to the study of experience from the inside?
October 3, 2000 How did life first originate? How has it been transformed into all the forms alive today and known to have existed in the past? What can an evolutionary perspective tell us about animal/human behavior?
October 10, 2000 What do we mean by  intelligence? What does it correlate with? What is it good for? How did it evolve? Are there different kinds of intelligence?
October 17, 2000 Predictions for the twenty-first century
October 24, 2000 What is a high-IQ society for? What can be done to promote the societies? What sorts of projects is it desirable for the societies to undertake?
November 14, 2000 Why do we have emotions?
November 21, 2000 The search for extraterrestrial intelligence
February 6, 2001 The beginning and end of the Universe
February 20, 2001 The Prometheus Society Election
March 6, 2001 Communication Games
March 20, 2001 More Communication Games
May 29, 2001 Computational perspectives on the evolution of life and the universe.
April 30, 2002 Why do we like or dislike music and art? Is `liking' or `disliking' the only way we relate to a work of art?
July 29, 2003    David Seaborg: Animal intelligence and Its Evolution
August 5, 2003 John Wilson: Comparative Mythology
August 19, 2003 David Woolsey: Current Developments and Open Questions in Modern Physics
August 26, 2003 Kevin Langdon: Human Intelligence: What Is Known and Open Questions


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