Comparative Performance of Men and Women on the Langdon Tests

Kevin Langdon

Published in Noesis #144, November 1999
Copyright 1999 by Kevin Langdon


The table below summarizes the mean IQ’s of male and female testees on six intelligence tests wholly or partially of my design: the Langdon Adult Intelligence Test, the Four Sigma Qualifying Test (by several Four Sigma members), the Polymath Intellectual Ability Scale, the Langdon Intellectual Gradient High-range Test, the Langdon Short Form Intelligence Test, and The Mobius Test (by Cyril Edwards and Kevin Langdon).





Number Mean Number Mean Number Mean
LAIT   826   138.4   163   131.5   1000   137.2
FSQT   57   148.7    5 142.8  62 148.2
PIAS   1078   142.0   379   131.5   1464   139.2
LIGHT   24   143.3   4   129.0   30   140.8
LSFIT   148   144.6   26   134.3   175   143.0
Mobius   38   150.2   9   147.9   47   149.7

The sums of the totals for men and women are slightly lower than the overall totals for some of the tests, because some people did not indicate their sex on their answer sheets.

The LIGHT and the LSFIT were based on the LAIT, but none of the other tests have any items in common, so there are four truly independent findings of a difference in the same direction.

In every case, the male mean was above the female mean for the same sample. The difference is smallest for The Mobius Test, which is less purely a test of g than the others, including elements of verbal intelligence, general knowledge, and creativity. This is not surprising for these populations with means above the 99th percentile of the general population.

It is interesting that the female means for some of the samples were substantially above the male means for some other samples.

Some of the tests were widely distributed and have been taken by large numbers of people; others have been taken only by small populations; statistics based on these small populations are, of course, less reliable than those based on larger populations.


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